When you wish upon a stone…

circle of wishing stones

Have you ever seen one of these? According to legend, a wishing stone is a rock with a distinct, continuous line that runs around it. These are known to grant wishes when mediated on and tossed back into the ocean, or lovingly passed along to someone else. Wishing stones are stones of any size or…

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Evening walks 🌅

Fishing boat at sunset

Just a few of the beautiful sights you will see during the Summer evenings. This is the norm round these parts! Love it? Come and experience seaside life for yourself. Relax, reset and invigorate your soul! Our rooms start at £100 per night and we have something for everyone! Book your happiness here www.no4cromer.com Seaside…

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Lighthouse Walk 👀

Cromer lighthouse

If you’re looking for the ultimate viewing point in Cromer, look no further than the view from the clifftops by the Lighthouse. The walk up to the top can be slightly challenging due to uneven, steep and overgrown pathways (trousers recommend unless you love nettles!) But the view from the top is certainly worth the…

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Those Views 😍

Street scene of romer with the Red Lion pub on the left hand side

It’s so easy to take lovely photos when you’re in Cromer – the views are just so beautiful! From interesting buildings to vast lansdcapes, the town is your oyster, so to speak. And being a fishing town we’re pretty sure you’ll find oysters on the menu somewhere 🙂 Take a well-earned break and stay with…

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Fun, fun, fun 🕹️👾✮


A great thing to do while visiting Cromer is to go to one (or all!) of the 3 amusement arcades – they are a firm family favourite – there’s something for everyone. The environment is so unique – a combination of light, colour, sound and pattern – it’s sure to get your senses buzzing 🙂…

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Autumn Vibes : Top 5 🍂

Autumn wreath on front door of No4 Cromer B&B

Happy October! This is such a beautiful time of year to be by the coast – the space, the scenery – it really blows those cobwebs away! Here are our Top 5 Reasons to visit Norfolk this Autumn and Winter: If any of this sounds like your cup of tea (or coffee), check out our…

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All the fun of the fair 🎡


Cromer Carnival parade is held on the third Wednesday of August every year, although the celebrations start at least 2 weeks beforehand! On Carnival day, there’s a large outdoor arena with scheduled events all day, such as dog shows, stunt horse riders, motorbikes and bmx riders! 🚴‍♀️🏍🐎🎠 Plus lots of fairground rides, games, a variety…

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It’s lunchtime!

ice cream

Mmmm….. Ice cream for lunch, you say? It’s one of the perks of being by the seaside. Or if you’re not a dairy fan, maybe indulge in a freshly cooked hot donut instead, sprinkled with sugar! I’m feeling hungry just thinking about it. All the norms go out of the window when you’re in holiday…

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The sun will come out ☀️


Oh yes! This weekend the large, hot, yellow thingy that’s been strangely elusive recently is supposed to be finally making an appearance this weekend! After a somewhat grey and cloudy start to June, the temperatures are increasing and the cloud disappearing at last! The weekend is set to be between 18-20 degrees (the coast is…

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What’s NEW in Cromer?

What's new in Cromer?

Dreams are being made right now in Cromer. It’s a town that never stands still – fresh new businesses are opening in 2023. There are many new and exciting businesses choosing to open their doors here and here’s a little look at a few of them… LOWTIDE – a funky caravan on the seafront serving…

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