Frequently Asked Questions

"I’ve never stayed in a B&B - is it right for me?"
OK, so that's not something we have ever been asked but this is the perfect place to explain a bit about us. Forget your preconceptions of what a B&B is - we are not 'stuffy' or 'traditional'! If you're looking for somewhere relaxed, happy and totally unique, you've come to the right place. With you in mind we have updated the B&B experience to fit with today’s changing world. We’ve tried to make it easy for you to make the best memories possible. Relaxed, unique, a little piece of happiness. We hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

Here we go with the real FAQ's.....

"Are you close to the beach?"
Yes! We are approximately a 5-7 minute walk to the beach and the town centre and are close to everything Cromer has to offer. We're situated in a residential road at the edge of the town centre, away from the hustle-and-bustle of the town and the nearest restaurants are a 2 minute walk from us.

"What time is Check-in and Check-out?"
Check-in is between 3pm - 7pm. If you need to arrive outside these times please let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate you. Check-out is anytime before 10am.

"Do you provide towels?"
Yes. We provide a set of towels (a luxurious fluffy bath sheet, hand towel and face cloth) for each person.

"Can I drink the tap water?"
Yes. The tap water in the bathrooms is safe to drink and to fill your kettle.

"I am not able to use stairs, do you have any ground floor or lower floor rooms?"
Sorry, no we don't. All of our rooms are on the 2nd (top) floor and are accessed by 2 flights of stairs (28 steps in total), so are not suitable for guests with impaired mobility. For further information around accessibility at No4 Cromer, please click here.

"Can you recommend any restaurants?"
Absolutely! We can send you a list of our recommended eateries both in and around the Cromer area if you wish to peruse it before you arrive. The list will be available in your room once you're here also - you'll find it in the box of useful leaflets in your drawer.

"Do you do full English breakfast?"
We don't serve a cooked full English breakfast, but we do provide a 10% discount card for use at local café Breakers who make an excellent fry-up. Many of our previous guests have said they would prefer not to have breakfast, so now we offer a choice of two non-traditional continental-style breakfasts which are optional and can be selected when booking, if required.

"I haven't been to Cromer before - is there much to do?"
There's lots to do, and equally there's lots of opportunities to just relax and unwind. Check-out our Explore Cromer section which lists things to do in the local area and beyond. You can also ask us if you need more detail.

"Will I be able to check-in early?"
Normally, check-in is available between 3pm-7pm, but if you would like to have access to your room earlier than 3pm please contact us with a special request, as we may be able to have your room ready a little earlier.

"Can I have a later check-out?"
Unfortunately we're not able to offer later check-outs. You are required to vacate your room(s) by 10am at the latest. However, you will be able to continue using your parking space(s) until midday on the day of check-out.

"Can you store my luggage here for the day after i've checked-out?"
Most of the time we will be able to store luggage, but there are occasions when we may not be able to - so please do check before you book.

"As you don't service the rooms, what do I do if I run out of tea or coffee, or need my bin emptied?"
We firmly believe that your privacy is paramount and your room is your your ‘home-from-home’ while you are staying with us, and so we don't come into your room every to do a daily 'room refresh'. You will find a good supply of everything in your room, so you should have all you need for a wonderful stay. If your bin is full, extra bin liners can be found underneath and you may leave full bags in the entrance hall for us to collect, or if you wish you may pop it in our outside wheelie bin. Should you need anything during your stay, please message or call the mobile phone number on your Welcome Pack, alternatively you many ring the bell in the hallway for assistance and we'll be happy to help in any way we can!

"Do you have fridges in the rooms?"
No we don't.

"Do you provide fresh milk?"
If you order breakfast, you will receive fresh milk in the morning as part of your breakfast package. On our hospitality trays we provide good-quality granulated (dried) milk which is made from pure milk and is an amazing alternative to fresh milk. Once mixed with a little cold water in the bottom of your mug, we think it's indistinguishable from fresh milk. We recommend 2 teaspoons per mug, mixed with a little cold (never boiling) water - we think you'll love it.

"Can I bring my dog?"
No sorry, we are a pet-free home.

"Help - I've spilled a cup of coffee on the bed, what should I do?"
Don't worry, accidents happen! The best thing to do is let us know as soon as possible, because the longer the stain is allowed to sit, the more difficult it is to remove. If you can let us know straight away, we'll bring you replacement linen.


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